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In the beginning, back in 2015 a kick ass tribute band was born when a group of very talented musicians from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania started a band to pay tribute to the most notorious glam, slam, sleaze rock band in the world. Motley Cure! Their audience grew quickly to include fans from all over the world and their chosen band name not only pays honor to an early Motley Crue hit, it also perfectly describes the truly electric crowd reaction they get at their shows.

What quickly grew from that was "Live Wire" - One of the hottest, longest running, most established, sought after, and globally ranked as "One of the best Motley Crue tribute bands in the world!

They quickly realized that Motley Crue fans all over the country have a need to "Keep The Partry Going" as Motley Crue announced their final tour and then the release of their dirt movie in 2019. Now fans flock to their shows from all over the country to get their Crue fix. From very early on, the would hear that they're the first tribute band the fans have seen that truly encapsulates everything that Motley Crue stands for and get calls from all over the country to appear.

They've got the glam, they've got the slam, the sleaze, the look, the attitude, and most importantly, they've got the musical ability and talent to create the true Motley Crue experience for their fans. They have been stunning audiences with one of the biggest and baddest stage shows around, larger than life stage presence, realistic appearance, sexy backup singer dancers, special effects, iconic looking costumes, and much more.

Live wire is not just an 80's tribute band. They have an impressive set list that is comprised of literally everything Motley Crue has ever done from their early beginning punk-glam rock days to their 80's hits and right up to their more modern Crue songs. Spanning literally thirty years worth of music. Fans are always delighted to hear their favorite Crue songs that even Motley Crue hasn't performed in years.

What sets these guys apart from all of the other Motley Crue cover bands? They're not a cover band. They are a true tribute to a much loved and respected band that they've all followed for decades. These guys are crueheads and only true cru heads can create an experience their fans relate to being the closest thing they've ever seen to being live at a Motley Crue concert.

Live Wire brings all of the excitement, ccraziness big hair and larger than live sound of the original band boys from Los Angeles, Motley Crue! They transport fans back to the days of headbanging, mayhem and wild nights. So whenever your feeling enraged, come see Live Wire hittin' the stage, with adrenaline rushing through their veins, and you'll say, they're still kickin ass!



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