Paradise City


Raw, stripped down and straight to the point…Old School Guns N’ Roses!

Paradise City is a group of 5 musicians who are at the most basic level, HUGE Guns fans. They grew up to GnR, raised by the music, the message and the attitude of this hard rocking band.  Their goal is to recreate, reminisce and bask in the glory of the early days of Guns N’ Roses. 

Paradise City brings the songs, the look, and the attitude that Guns N’ Roses brought in spades, in their early career, focused on the Appetite for Destruction era.  They do this with the utmost respect and detail to the original band.

No need to pay a pile of money for tickets, drinks, parking or merch only to sit so far from the stage that

you can’t see the band. Now you can get up close and personal for a fraction of the cost. Let us take you back to an era you will never forget!


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