Straight From The Heart


Come join this Nashville based group as they celebrate the amazing, chart topping hits of artist, Bryan Adams. Through out the 80’s and 90’s our radios were filled with the melodic upbeat rock anthems, beautifully powerful ballads, and deeply emotional songs of Bryan Adams. With a gritty, rock and roll back-beat, his music told stories of love found, love lost, and the yearning to find that never ending rock and roll party. “Straight From the Heart” captures all of these essences in a powerful, soul-stirring concert experience. This group of fantastic Music City rockers features the distinct voice and awesome guitar work of Mark Howell.
Along with outstanding singer and guitarist, Jon Statham, top notch keyboardist and singer, Rob Ray, full bodied bass guitar licks and singing by Sean Harrison, and crisp, hard hitting, precision drumming of percussionist, David Burch. All of these performers have loads of extensive, varied professional music experience and it is completely obvious in their stellar performance on stage. Make sure to take advantage of an opportunity to see this band’s live show. Excitement rolls off of the stage and leaves clapping your hands, dancing to the beats, and longing for the weekends of yesteryear as you emerge into the captivating songs of Bryan Adams. It is a show that you won’t soon forget.

Song List

1. Straight from the Heart

2. Heaven

3. It’s Only Love

4. Summer of ‘69

5. Everything I Do

6. Run to You

7. Cuts Like a Knife

8. This Time

9. The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me, Is You

10. Please Forgive Me

11. Somebody

12. One Night Love Affair

13. Heat of the Night

14. All I Want is You

15. Back to You

16. Do I Have to Say the Words

17. Can’t Stop This Thing We Started

18. Come Everybody

19. Room Service

20. Seven Spanish Angels


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